The October 2015 Halloween Winner Is…


Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself.  4115 Levonshire and 4047 Martinshire both received 39% of the votes each!  As a result, we are in sudden death.

To break this tie, we will take an additional final vote at the civic club meeting on Nov 16th for anyone who has not yet voted on-line.  Please do come for this event as well as to pick up your car security decals (we’ve had a low response and need folks to put these on their car ASAP).  The winner will receive their $100 gift card immediately so I hope the runoff candidates do attend.

We will also have an important security announcement.  See you Wednesday 11/18 @ 6:30PM at the Linkwood Community Center.

Home #1 – 4115 Levonshire

4115 Levonshire

Home #3 – 4047 Martinshire

4047 Martinshire

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