Drainage Reconstruction Project

The Woodshire project study area is in the southwest part of central Houston, Texas just north of Interstate 610 (Loop 610). It is roughly bounded by Stella Link Rd on the east, Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) Unit D136-00-00 on the west, South Braeswood on the north, and IH-610 on the south. The study area comprises about 142 acres (AC) of almost completely developed residential land with light commercial area inside City Council District K, on Key Map page 532N. The project area is in the Brays Bayou Watershed.

The study area currently endures large amounts of street and structural flooding according to complaints from citizens, City 311 information, Federal
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other sources. Woodshire was originally developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s and thus has an aging storm sewer infrastructure consisting of closed-conduit pipes that are inadequate and at or near their design life. Within the subdivision, storm water drains from east to west where it eventually outfalls into D136-00-00, but excess flow not contained by the storm sewer becomes overland flow. Stella Link bounds the subdivision on the east and overflow from this road adds flows to the residential drainage system at times. Current conditions such as damaged
roads, tree roots, and compromised curbs also add to the current state. Many roads need major repair as there are large potholes and areas of the road that have uplifted or settled. There are several locations within the study area that locally trap overland flows causing water to pond. There are also a number of large trees whose roots have uplifted and damaged nearby sidewalks and roads. Areas where sidewalks have settled significantly and independently of the curbs lead to standing water. Photographs of the above
mentioned can be seen in (Appendix -C) in the PDF linked below.