A:  24 Hour Woodshire Hotline


A:  City of Houston Southwest Police Department, Open 24 Hours/Day

4503 Beechnut St., Houston, TX  77096

Click here for direction to this location.

Phone Number:  713-394-3100

A:  Only Paid-In-Full Civic Club Members have the benefit of TOP GUN Security “Vacation Watch”.

Top Gun is finalizing a form that Woodshire residence will use to notify them of area vacations. Until the form is available however, we will email Top Gun the request directly.  Please  email the Woodshire Security Liaison, Paul LeBeau at woodshiresafetyupdate@gmail.com  so he can validate your membership first and then submit your required information below:

Home Owner Name:


Emergency Contact name and cell number:

Will anybody be at the residence while you are out – Y/N

If so:


Make of Vehicle

License plate #

You should also submit a City of Houston Vacation Watch request using the following link: